In five easy steps to the ultimate loss of control with she-dog. On their debut EP MORE DRAMA, she-dog sing about the joys of self-determined emotional chaos. In five stomping, glittering punk hybrids, the band dances on the tightrope between pain and ecstasy, playing with stereotypes like a snotty kid breaking their doll, covering it in finger paint and rearranging it into new shapes. The songs uncoil, fall apart, suddenly reassemble, hackles raised, teeth bared. The trio comes crawling out of the darkest recesses of post-punk to create its own sound somewhere between she-punk, goth and garage. Seemingly simple and mantra-like, shroud themselves in ambiguity, illuminating their own entanglement in a web of inherited addictions and desires crying out for expression. Tracks like der zucker ist aus, marriage und babies paint grotesquely exaggerated relationship dynamics, yet remain unclear about whether we are witnessing a biting satire on bourgeois life realities or a displaced utopia of the perverse in which violent relationships are being transformed into self-determined play. Despite this complexity, she-dog give new life to the ossified structures of what used to be subversive rock clichés. With MORE DRAMA, they deliver a clear commitment to exuberant emotionality. i feel ok and no love are anthems to the wholesome emotional outburst that seethes beneath everyday expressions of well-being. The "yes" to loss of control as a "no" to self-circumcision. The songs collected here are hurtful and vulnerable, biting and seductive at the same time. Some listeners may be shocked, but sometimes novelty initially manifests itself as terror. The band's volatile identity is also expressed in the split vocals, who seamlessly transition from gasps to shrieks, from sighs to screams, from kisses to howls. Their voices overdrive and tumble over clouds of reverb and noise. The driving rhythm section focuses these energies and binds the songs together before the euphoric decay they are headed for. MORE DRAMA is a gift to all the indecisively, determined for the seekers who found a home within the search. For born freaks and those who have grown into them. An EP for the wildly dancing scum.

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